Chelsea’s Away Kit – As Bad As Any Newcastle Jersey

15 07 2010

Well, we discussed how bad ass Chelsea’s new home kit (seen to the right) is a while back.  The red pop in the collar, and the Batman-tight fit will be flying around the Bridge and scoring goals like never before.

Our away kit, which was just released, is the complete opposite.  Black and orange? Are you kidding me?  Are Chelsea going to be playing in AYSO this season?  I hate, hate black as a jersey color.  It’s meant to look tough, but it just looks dumb instead.  And orange?  Where exactly is that coming from – are we trying to recruit Wesley Sneijder or something?  Hopefully the third kit will be a step up from this.  Last years 3rd kit was f***ing sweet – (hint for any Thugs looking for a last minute Christmas gift for Markie).

Hull City here we come!


Drogba takes a Chelsea on the beach

1 07 2010

My friend, “Man U Sean”, started a trend of renaming the Chelsea bandwagon bitches “Poo” and/or any variance on human feces, and I want to make sure it stays strong. So this is just your friendly Aston Villa reminder to never again use the filthly word “Chelsea.” From this day forth they are known as Poo/Poo Mongers/Mr Poobody/Poo Diddy Combs/Pooma/Will work for Poo/Vegan Poo/etc… I apologize that this is all 3rd grade material but there is just something about Poo/Chelsea that makes me want to eat glue, wet myself, and clean chalk board erasers.

*Pic was taken when Drogba was on vacation in Hawaii and didn’t want to walk the 15 feet to the head… I hate Drogba.

In Fashionable Style

9 05 2010

Chelsea won the Barclay’s Premier League in strong fashion today, with an 8-0 drubbing against Wigan.  What else did we accomplish?

  1. Record 103 goals scored in the campaign – 17 better than Man U
  2. Drogba wins the Golden Boot over Rooney with 29 goals on the season, thanks to a hat-trick today (would definitely have been better without the sulking Drogs)
  3. Cech and the back line kept 17 clean sheets this season, for the “Golden Glove”.
  4. 4 times this season that the club has gone for 7 or more goals… and the third time in the last 2 months!

Way to go Blues… thanks for the memorable first season of fandom.  Many more to come.

And a huge thanks to Sean and Jacob who introduced me to the EPL and are now wishing they hadn’t.  You guys are the best… I love the Thugs.