FIFA World Cup Trophy Stolen!!

29 06 2010

Actually it was just seven replica trophies stolen. The Associated Press released the breaking story today that the FIFA headquarters had in fact been broken into and seven replica world cup trophies had been stolen. There was no sign of break in and officials think that it may have been an inside job.

Gen. Bheki Cele said at a security briefing Tuesday, “We know that there was a burglary at the FIFA offices where they took seven replicas of the World Cup.”

Cele says official FIFA clothing was also taken.

In a related story World Cup referee Koman Coulibaly (the referee that called the phantom foul on the USA vs Slovenia) was seen entering a Hooters restaurant in Paris France were witnesses said he had presented a number trophies to some of France’s larger than life players. When asked what he thought he was doing, Koman simply replied, “I thought France had won. That’s the way I saw it and I call em like I see ’em. I saw them win and saw them conduct themselves with the up most class. Team France are winners.”

Hmmmm interesting.


I still back FIFA

28 06 2010

I know it was a disgrace, but after having countless discussions on Sunday, I am sticking to my guns and backing FIFA.  My initial reasoning was as follows:

“Football is meant for you and I.  If I can’t have one aspect of the rules of the game in my backyard, then the professionals shouldn’t either.  That is how you keep the game right where it should be, with the fans” (Read the rest of the post here).

To restate what Sepp Blatter stated before the World Cup began:

“The universality of the game: one of the main objectives of FIFA is to protect the universality of the game of association football. This means that the game must be played in the same way no matter where you are in the world.”

When I tried to explain this point I was met with stern and compelling opposition.  The point that I was consistently faced with was of substantial merit.  The World Cup changes the fate of nations, the morning pick up game at the park does not.  With this much on the line, FIFA should assure that they do everything in their power to make sure that mistakes of this magnitude do not happen.

I agree my friends, but my point is this.  It is a game of the people and for the people.  If I can’t institute a FIFA ruling in my local league game, then the professionals will not have the same luxury.

Blatter was quoted after this incident:

“No matter which technology is applied, at the end of the day a decision will have to be taken by a human being.”

I am not opposed to using technology, I write for a blog, I have just attached myself to this defense.  It protects the purity and integrity of the game.  It is a part of the game, good, bad, or indifferent, and it is something we all have to adapt to as fans.  I guarantee Germany is happy there is no video replay or goal line technology.

I also am not saying that everything is perfect and we should all just hold hands and sing “We are the World”.  I think something must be done. So where does the advocate of technology and the president of FIFA find common ground?  In the use of goal line referees? Maybe, but something must be done.

All of you who are crying foul now, remember this feeling, and in the next match where a call like this goes your direction know that “the grass is always greener on the other side” especially on the pitch.

Jacob, when you’re right, you are right.

25 06 2010

If you don’t get a little misty from this America, don’t read any further in this blog.

Biggest Win In U.S. Soccer History?

23 06 2010

ESPN has a new poll out asking that same question. With over 37,000 votes recorded an over whelming majority believe that this 1-nil win over Algeria is in fact the biggest win in U.S. mens soccer history. To be honest I really have to agree with this poll. Watching this match with my fellow soccer supporters, drinking beer at 7:00am, standing up and sitting down a thousand times, and knowing what a win would mean for this country was almost unbearable for 90+ min. But when Landon Donovan scored the only goal in the 91st min, all the stress left my body………in the form of a yell that made my throat so raw that it hurts to whisper even as I’m typing this post. This truly is an amazing day for U.S. soccer!!

I don’t really even feel bad for the Algerian team. Based on the way most of the players look I’m sure they are already headed to the nearest rave going on in South Africa. I actually read an article that said 12 players from the Algerian national team had traveled to South Africa with plenty of extra glow sticks, Ecstasy, pacifiers, and back up tight-fitting Algerian jerseys.

All in all well done U.S. Now bring on Ghana………rhea!!!!!

They be Ill’in

22 06 2010

North Korea took a step into the 21st century and decided to broadcast the match against Portugal live for the entire nation to see.  In a country that has state run, sponsored, and monitor television, this move is unprecedented.  The pride that is felt throughout the country is incredible, so much so that the idea of having a “live” broadcast makes worldwide news.

Here’s how crazy the commies are:

  1. Kim and his totalitarian leadership allow only one state-run TV channel, ban shortwave foreign radio broadcasts and restrict outside Internet access to the elite
  2. In the past, only snippets of World Cup games were shown, sometimes weeks later.
  3. In 2002 and 2006, a South Korean broadcaster relayed live video as part of reconciliation efforts with the wartime rival, but North Korea chose to show only tape-delayed parts of matches.
  4. The broadcast was the first North Korean overseas match to air live back home

The national pride in this team swelled so much that they were willing to broadcast this match (through a South Korean signal) live for all to see.

“State TV made no attempt to conceal scenes of the crowd and sponsors’ ads plastered around the stadium.”  Pure craziness!!

Quote from a family member of the North Korean squad, “Watching the game live, I felt like I was in South Africa myself,” and that and seeing the outside world made him feel like Alice chasing the white rabbit.

At least they didn’t go overboard and let John Harkes do the color commentary.  They chose instead to let their own wit and charm take over, example:

“Our defenders didn’t see him unexpectedly coming out from behind,” the state TV commentator said. “They should have more awareness about those coming from behind.”

Amen brother. Sounds like an important life lesson as well.  Maybe he is better than Harkes.

After the pure destruction of the North Korean squad, and them knowing that their nation was watching live in this historical broadcast, I think the line up may be a little thin come Friday, and South Africa may just have increased their Korean population from 0 to 23 if you follow me.

A Letter To Lionel Messi

22 06 2010


Dear Messi,

I just finished watching you play for team Argentina were you beat team Greece 2-nil. And I have to say that you really impressed me. Your first touch is absolutely amazing. Being that your only 23 years old and leading your country in the largest stage in the world is pretty incredible. This past season playing for Barcelona were you recorded 34 goals in league play. Man you are on the top of your game!

But Messi, I really have a bone to pick with you. You are only 23 years old and make over 9.5 million pounds a year from Barcelona. You travel all over the world and are loved by millions……..but seriously……what are you thinking with your hair?!?!?! Have you looked in a magazine or watched a movie? No one has a business in the front party in the back bowl cut anymore! You look like Jose Canseco in the 80’s when he played for the Oakland A’s and was doing forearm bumps with Mark McGwire. Do you drive a Trans Am? Do you wear a jean jacket? Do you peg your pants? Do you listen you Def leopard? Cause you look like you do!! When I look at your highlights it looks like I’m watching the episode of Knight Rider when David Hasselhoff had to play football to stop a drug lord from selling crack to inner city kids {Kit had to come and save the day once again….it was was pretty sweet!}.

But really I just wanted to write you this letter Messi, asking you to please change the hair. It really looks bad.

Your Friend,


Au Revoir Caca Bouche

20 06 2010

Nicolas Anelka was just kicked off the French World Cup squad yesterday for getting into a heated argument with French manager Raymond Domenech. Cry Baby Anelka has been reported to have verbally attacked Domenech and then refusing to apologize. This all was stemming from team France getting their asses handed to them by team Mexico.

First of all a part of me would want to lash our irrationally if I was humiliated by team Mexico. CBA {Cry Baby Anelka} has been under a lot of pressure since the lack of performance in some of Frances World Cup friendlies and in the opening match with Uruguay which ended in a nil nil finish.

Secondly are any of us really surprised by CBA’s actions? Who does he play for in the EPL? What type of player is able to look at his face in the mirror every morning and still play for Chelsea? That type of person is the same one that would get kicked off his own country’s national team, have the ego to verbally attack your boss, disgrace the beautiful game, and think he is in the right.

Monsieur Anelka, you are a douche!